Question: Will the new CheckWrite 8.0 keep all the checks I write?

Answer: Yes. It will also keep all the deposits and adjustments you enter. Any time you want to see checks from a prior month, go to Reports or Checks. Click the List tab. To the right on the list tab, you will Date Range. Enter the Date Range of checks you want to see and press the Refresh to Meet Criteria button. To see old deposits or adjustments, go to Reports, Miscellaneous page. Click the down arrow on Select Report to pick Deposits or Adjustments. Click the down arrow under Deposits and Adjustments to Include all. Then enter the Date Range you want to see.

Question: Does CheckWrite import my old checks from the Dos version?

Answer: No. It only imports your vendor information. You need to start up the new CheckWrite at the beginning of the month.

Question: I already wrote some checks in the old CheckWrite program
for this month. And I hand wrote some checks. What do I do now?

Answer: Enter the checks in the new CheckWrite program. You can enter them without reprinting them. Page 55 in the manual tells you how. You enter all information for the check. Then instead of printing the check, click the Printed checkbox in the middle right hand side of the screen under Check Status. You will then be asked to enter the Check Number for the check. Enter the check number. Next go to the Tasks tab and post the check.

Question: When do checks I write for client expenses go into Verdict?

Answer: As soon as you post the check, it goes to Verdict.

Question: How to the checks then get from Verdict to the General

Answer: At the end of the month, after you do Month End, you call up General Ledger and import client payments and client expenses for which checks were written to the General Ledger.

Question: Then when do checks I write for non-client expenses go to General Ledger 8.0?

Answer: As soon as you post the check, it goes to General Ledger 8.0. If you don't want checks for a new month sent to General Ledger, print them but don't final post them.



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