Question: How does the new version of CheckWrite balance Check-
Write to the bank statement?

Answer: Click the Balance button. You will see every check you have written that is still outstanding. Note that the column Out. (for Outstanding) has a checkmark for each check. When your bank statement comes in, look at each check that is on the bank statement. Take the checkmark out for the check on your Balance screen by clicking on the checkmark. The checkmark will disappear; that check is no longer outstanding. Go through and uncheck each check that appears on your bank statement. Note that as you work, the balances on the right hand side of the screen constantly update to reflect your changes. When you are finished with checks, click the down arrow to the right of View and change to Deposits. Uncheck each deposit that is shown on the bank statement. Do the same for adjustments. When you finish, CheckWrite will be balanced to the bank statement. Click Print to print the report.

Question: I have old outstanding checking from before I started using
the new CheckWrite. How do I enter them into CheckWrite so they
appear on the Balance screen?

Answer: Enter them under Adjustments: Go to the Adjustments button. Enter each one separately with a minus sign. Then total up all the old outstanding checks you entered to get the total. You want to change your beginning balance for CheckWrite to add in these checks. Go to Settings, to the Accounts page, and increase your Bal. at Beginning of Month to include the old outstanding checks. When the old checks come through, you will uncheck them on the Adjustments page of the Balance screen so they are no longer outstanding.



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