Question: How do I get data from Verdict?

Answer: In Verdict 10, first close out the month. Go to Periodic. Enter the date to close through. Then click Close Out Month. After you do Month End, exit Verdict and call up General Ledger 8.0. Go to Settings, to the Data Toolbox tab. Click Data Utilities. On the Data Utilities screen, click Get Verdict Data. Client payments entered with deposit numbers and client expenses entered with check numbers will be imported into the General Ledger.

Question: I clicked the Get Verdict Data button in GL but none of my
entries came over. Why?

Answer: Either you did not do Close Out Month, or you did not enter deposit numbers when you posted payments in Verdict and had no client expenses posted over from CheckWrite. Go to Verdict and print a Posting Register of payments for the month. Do the payments have deposit numbers? If so, you didn't do Close Out Month, or the closing process didn't complete successfully. Go to the Entries screen, to an account that had a payment for the month. Go to Payments. Click Show Billed Entries and then click on a payment for the month to highlight it. Now look at its Status at the bottom of the screen. Is there a check mark in the field Added this month? If there is, you did not do Close Out Month. Added this month means the entry was entered after the last time you did Month End. Go to Periodic and click Close Out Month. After you close out, call up General Ledger and get the Verdict data.

Question: Some of my Verdict entries didn't go over to General Ledger. Why?

Answer: When you close the month in Verdict you enter the date you are closing through. Either the payment or expense has a date after the closing date, or the account was created after the closing date. Verdict only collects information for accounts created by the closing date. Look at Created Date on the info tab of the Account Screen. These accounts will get billed next month and the data will go over to the GL. However, there are several solutions. Make a tech call to Micro Craft for advice.




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