Question: How does my LegalPad work?

Answer: LegalPad is a batch posting program that integrates to Verdict. The LegalPad operator can only make entries of services, expenses and payments for bills. The main operator of Verdict sets up LegalPad on her computer. He/she then snaps out information (account numbers, valid timekeeper initials, valid transaction codes) for the LegalPad operators. The LegalPad operators then snap this information into their LegalPads. They can then make entries. When they finish, they transfer their entries out. Then the Verdict main operator transfers the entries into Verdict.

Question: How often should data be snapped out of Verdict?

Answer: Many firms snap out Verdict information once a week. Others snap out once a month. It's up to you. The LegalPad operators can snap in new information to their LegalPads as often as they like. This is a feature in LegalPad 9.0 and 10. (In LegalPad 4.0 LegalPad operators could only snap in new information after they transferred out all entries.)





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