Question: Will my data in the old version of CheckWrite translate into CheckWrite 8.0?

Answer: All of the information about your vendors - people you write checks to - will be imported into CheckWrite 8.0. The checks you have written in the old version of CheckWrite will not be imported into CheckWrite 8.0. However, we do not disturb your old CheckWrite. We just get a copy of the vendor data and bring it into CheckWrite 8.0. Therefore, you can still refer to data in the old CheckWrite.

If you have a Dos version of CheckWrite prior to version 6.4, you will need our free Utility Disk for CheckWrite. Translation of the vendor data will be a 2-step process. Each step takes less than a minute. The Utility Disk translates vendor data prior to 6.4 to version 6.4 data. Then CheckWrite 8.0 translates the 6.4 vendor data to the new version.






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