Question: Will my data in the old version of General Ledger translate into
General Ledger 8.0d?

Answer: All of your general ledger account numbers, names of the general ledger accounts and the balance for each general ledger account will translate into General Ledger 8.0. You update after you have closed out the month, so these balances are your current balances and your year-to-date amounts.

If you keep all individual entries on line (closed entries), they will not be imported into General Ledger 8.0. Most firms clear the entries when they close each month, and, thus, would not have individual entries on line. And we do not disturb your old General Ledger when we import the data into General Ledger 8.0. Therefore, you can still refer to data in the old General Ledger.

If you have the DOS version 2.1d of General Ledger, you will need our free Utility Disk for General Ledger. Each step takes less than a minute. The Utility Disk translates General Ledger 2.1d to 7.0 data. Then General Ledger 8.0 translates the 7.0 data to the new version.




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