Question: How easy is it to update?

Answer: Very easy. Load the new Verdict 10. Then click a button to import your data into Verdict 10. That's it. It should take less than 5 minutes.

Question: When should I update? Should Verdict be closed out for the month?

Answer: Yes. Verdict needs to be closed out for the month. If you are using the General Ledger, it must be closed out, too.

Question: Will I lose any of my client data when I update?

Answer: No. All of your client data will automatically translate into Verdict 10. If you have held accounts, all entries on the held accounts will come over to Verdict 10. The history and aging on accounts will come over to Verdict. All information about your firm and timekeepers will translate into Verdict 10. Just two types of data do not translate: Transaction codes and year-to-date summaries.

If you use transaction codes, i.e., 1A1 for telephone conference with client, you will need to reenter your transaction codes in Verdict 10. In Verdict 10, you can use words and well as numbers for transaction codes. For example, instead of 1 for Telephone conference, you could use TC for the code, if you desire. Your descriptions for the codes can also be as long as you like; you are no longer limited to 20 characters. And you can make descriptions that are complete sentences or paragraphs; you are not limited to part 1 and part 2 codes.

The year-to-date summaries do not translate because we collect summary information a different way in Verdict 10. When you update midyear, you will print year-to-date summaries from the DOS version of Verdict from the last month you use it and then print year-to-date summaries from the time you start using Verdict. Your totals for the year are the combined figures. Verdict 10 has the ability to print summaries for any date range. For example, you can print a summary for the 2nd quarter. You are not limited to the month or year to date. And the summaries are kept. Two years from now, you can go back and print an old summary from any month or date range.

Question: But I have an old DOS version. How can the data go into a Windows version of Verdict?

Answer: Our programmers wrote a program that takes your old data and rewrites it in the format that Verdict 10 needs. We don't disturb your old Verdict subdirectory. We just get a copy of the data and rewrite it in the right format for Verdict 10.



Question: How easy is it to update?

Very easy. Close out Verdict 8 for the month. Then update to Verdict 10. It takes about 3 minutes.


Question: How easy is it to update?

Very easy. You do not even need to close out the month. You can update anytime. It takes about 3 minutes.


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