Question: I printed a bill, but it only shows the date and description
for the services. I need to show the timekeeper and the time, too.
What do I do?

Answer: The bill printed using the bill format set up for the account. Go to the Accounts screen, Rates Page. The bill format is shown on the bottom left hand corner. Click the down arrow and select the format you want. Then go to Bills, and reprint the bill. If you did not mark the account billed when you printed the bill, you do not need to unbill the last bill. Just go to Bills, and reprint the bill. Note also that on the Bills page you can Override the account billing format and choose another format.

Question: The account is past due. I have it set to charge interest. Why doesn't it show interest?

Answer: This is the first month you have used Verdict 10 and you did not update from Verdict 8 or 9. Verdict 10 will not charge interest the first month you bill accounts. Verdict 10 charges true interest based on the number of days since the account was last billed. For example, if there are 30 days in the month, the interest will be less than a month with 31 days. The DOS version of Verdict and TwinPak didn't do this - they charged a flat rate - and they did not store the date last billed. Therefore, Verdict 10 doesn't know the date last billed and cannot calculate interest the first month. However, next month Verdict 10 will charge interest.

Question: I printed all the bills but it's printing bills for accounts with no previous balance and no new entries. Why?

Answer: You need to tell Verdict not to print those bills. Click the Settings button at the top of the screen. Go to Options. Click Don't print bills for inactive accounts. Also define what you want inactive accounts to be: accounts with No Entries or accounts with Neither Entries nor a Previous Balance. Then on the Bills page check Don't print bills for inactive accounts.

Question: How to I get Verdict to show the year 2005 on the bills, not
just 05?

Answer: That's a feature in Verdict 10. Click the Settings button at the top of the screen. Go to Options. Click Show century on dates for bills.

Question: I bill clients all month long. How do I make sure I billed everyone before I close out the month.

Answer: Go to Reports. Under Basic Summaries choose Summary of Selected Entries. By default it is set to include account with Unbilled Entries. Then click the Print button. You will see a list of all accounts that have unbilled services, expenses and/or payments. If the dollar amounts have an H to the right, it means the entries are on hold. If there is no H, these are accounts that are not on hold, that you did not bill. You may want to bill them.

Question: What happens if I don't print a bill for a client, but I don't
put the account on hold before I close out the month?

Answer: Nothing! You don't lose your entries! All the entries are still there. Verdict 10 keeps the entries even if you don't put the account on hold.



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