Question: How do I enter a flat fee for a case?

Answer: Go to the Entries screen. First select the account you want to post a flat fee to. Then on the top right hand side, there are Entry types: Services, Expenses, Payments, and Adj.,Ret. & Fee. By default you are on the Services screen. Click on Flat or Contingent Fee. Then click New. Enter your description. Next enter the timekeeper, the date and the dollar amount of the flat fee. Save your entry by clicking the Save button.

Question: I want to reduce a bill by $300.00. I entered an adjustment of 300.00, but it increased the bill by $300.00. What did I do wrong?

Answer: If you want to reduce the bill by $300.00, you enter the adjustment as -300.00. Use the hyphen on your keyboard. Go back to the Entries screen. Select Adjustment. Change the 300.00 to -300.00. Then save your change by clicking the Save button.

Question: In the DOS version of Verdict when I wanted to override the timekeeper's rate per hour, I entered his initials plus a dollar sign and another rate per hour. How do I do this in Verdict 10?

It's easier in Verdict 10. On the entry screen for services, you see the charge code for the account and right below that, the timekeeper's rate per hour. Click in the rate per hour field and type in a different rate. The value of the entry will calculate according to the new rate you typed in.

Question: We set up the account under the wrong rate table/charge
code. All the time has been entered for this account. What do I
do now?

Answer: It's easy with Verdict 10. Go to Clients, Find the client, then go to the Accounts page and select the right account. Then go to the Rates tab and change the rate table or charge code to the right rate table or charge code. Now click on the last tab of the Accounts screen called Entries. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the button Recalculate. Just click it, and all the entries will be recalculated at the new rate table or charge code. Note also there is a Date Range. Verdict 10 even lets you recalculate a date range of entries. For example, if the attorney decides to change his billing rate in the middle of the month, you can do it. First, in Settings, change his rate in the rate table to the new rate. Then go to the Account, to the Entries page. Click Override date range and type in the date range you want to recalculate at the new rate. Then click the Recalculate button.

Question: I haven't closed out Verdict for the month. Can I make
entries for the new month before I close out?

Answer: Absolutely. That's an important new feature in Verdict 10. You can post entries for the new month because you can select the date range to bill for when you print bills. All entries after that date are just held over for next month. You don't have to put them on hold - it's just automatic that they are held. A new feature in Verdict 10 is the ability to post expenses and payments for the new month even if you have Verdict 10 integrated to General Ledger. You enter a cut-off date when you close the month. Only expenses and payments through the cut-off date will be sent to the General Ledger.

Question: A client called and said we didn't give him credit for his
payment two months ago. Is there any way to quickly find out
if we did?

Answer: Yes. You can find out in seconds. That also is a wonderful feature in Verdict. Go to the Entries screen. Select his account. Then click on Payments, to go to the Payments screen. By default you only see new payments. Now change What's on the List to All entries and click Refresh. You will see all payments ever posted to his account since you started using Verdict 8 or 9. You will see the payment date, amount and description for each payment. Click on a payment and look at the bottom of the screen. Verdict even shows you Date Billed so you know what bill it was on.


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