Micro Craft has just released our newest Time and Billing program Verdict 10. Verdict 10 is designed for Windows 98 through Windows 7 and is available for standalone or multiuser systems. It consolidates all of the many enhancements that have been added to Verdict 9 and adds even more, making it the most powerful and easiest-to-use system weíve ever offered.

The latest version of Verdict 10 has integrated credit card processing from X-Charge right on the payment screen, as well as the ability to print a receipt for a client whether he pays with a credit card or not. You can enter credit and debit card payments directly through Verdict. Simply swipe the card or enter the information, and X-Charge takes care of the rest, processing the card and depositing the funds into your existing bank account. See www.micro-craftx.net for more information.

With Verdict 10's new Revenue by Source of New Business Report, many firms can now more intelligently budget their business/advertising expenditures and determine if a certain marketing effort or phone book advertisement is generating revenue and cost effective. In other firms where an attorney brings in a new client but assigns the work to other attorneys, there has been no way to track fees by the generating attorney. With Verdict 10, you can! Use Source of New Business to list the attorneys in the firm. Tag each new client with the attorney. Then print the Source of New Business Report for any date range. The report will show services, hours, expenses, credit adjustments and fees produced by the efforts of the generating attorneys.

Many new Lists and Reports offer single-click access, providing a quick overview of your firmís status in the billing cycle and timekeepersí productivity for the month. Ten new user levels let you easily determine who has access to mission critical functions and helps protect sensitive data.

Newly streamlined and enlarged screens throughout Verdict 10 take advantage of improved display technology and make it easier for operators to efficiently input time and produce reports. And perhaps most important of all, a totally rewritten manual that focuses on operator procedures and includes a monthly checklist for the entire billing cycle. This helps make operator error and possible disruption from staff turnover a thing of the past. (more...)

Lower Pricing for New Users

If you are a new purchaser of Verdict, please note that we have lowered the price of Verdict 10, and we now offer Multiuser Verdict 10 for a 3-user network at a substantially lower price.

Update to Verdict 10 Now!

If you have an earlier version of Verdict, we offer update pricing. Updates to Verdict 10 include a completely new manual with the Billing Cycle Tutorial/Checklist and CD. Just call us at 256/830-9746 . All updates include 30 days of free technical support and Verdict 10 includes conversion routines to automatically translate your firmís data from a previous version of Verdict or TwinPak.

Our latest version of General Ledger adds two important reports. The first is an Income Statement showing Month and Year to Date on one report. The second new report is the Comparison Income Statement showing Current Month This Year, Current Month Last Year, Year to Date This Year and Year to Date Last Year all on one report. This report is a valuable tool in analyzing your firm's financial situation.

A special version of General Ledger, Dual Profit Center General Ledger 8.0 has been released. This new program was designed for law firms with 2 offices who desire to track expenses separately for each office. Dual Profit Center GL lets you print income Statements for each office and a combined Income Statement for the firm. It integrates to Verdict 10 and CheckWrite 8.0. Multiuser Dual Profit Center GL integrates to Multiusr Verdict 10 and Multiuser CheckWrite. Call Micro Craft, Inc. for more information about these new programs.

LegalPad 10 is our latest Windows-compatible batch posting system for auxiliary stations on Windows 98 through Windows XP computers. It allows batch posting of services, expenses & payments from any computer in the office. LegalPad 10 provides instant pop-up client lists; verification of account number chosen for any entry; lists of valid transaction codes and timekeepers' initials; and ability to edit any incorrect batch postings. LegalPad 10 integrates to Verdict 10 and Multiuser Verdict 10. Please call us at 256/830-9746 if you have any questions about LegalPad 10 or any of our other Legal Series Software.


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