Micro Craft's new CheckWrite 8.0 is a cash disbursement/ checkwriting system written specifically to integrate with Verdict 10 and General Ledger 8.0d and has the same easy-to-use design and interface. You'll feel right at home with it's intuitive approach to a professional's unique requirements of cash disbursements and reconciliation.

With pop-up lists of all your Verdict and General Ledger accounts just a mouse click away, you'll always know which account to post to and have quick multiple views of checking account balances to make informed decisions based on up to the minute, accurate data.

Because it integrates completely with our Verdict time & billing systems and our General Ledger for Professionals, there is never a need to double enter any costs for which you wrote checks. Enter the check in CheckWrite, and that check will be recorded in Verdict (if it's a client expense) and General Ledger. It's all done in one step.


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