CheckWrite 8.0 is our new Windows 98 to XP legal checkwriting system designed for attorneys. CheckWrite 8.0 integrates to Verdict 10 so that all checks for client costs are automatically sent to Verdict accounts for billing, saving you time and ensuring billing accuracy. Non-client expenses are sent directly to the General Ledger.

If you are updating from an earlier version of CheckWrite, you'll find the new Windows version has an entirely new look and feel while retaining all the features that you've come to rely on. And you'll find an impressive array of new features, including pop-up lists of General Ledger/Verdict account numbers, pop-up vendor information and end-of-the-month bank statement reconciliation. Our new CheckWrite 8.0 is auto-installing, easy to use, and makes handling checks and disbursements even easier than before.

Pop up Lists keeps all vendors and General Ledger/Verdict account numbers a click away. When you write a check, you no longer have to have a printed chart of accounts to remember your General Ledger accounts or a printed list of Verdict accounts. CheckWrite has pop-up lists you can select from.

Keeping all transactions on line is a powerful new enhancement, providing unlimited access to previous data. You can go back to any previous month to review every check you wrote, every deposit, and every adjustment to your bank account. Or, print a report of every check written to a particular Vendor.

Bank reconciliation has never been easier. An important new feature in CheckWrite 8.0 is reconciliation of CheckWrite to your bank statement. You enter all checks, total daily deposits and bank adjustments, if any, in CheckWrite. At the end of the month, go to the new Balance screen and see a list, sorted chronologically by date, showing the amount of each check, whether it's outstanding or not, and any additional information. Then, simply "check off" with a mouse click, each check that you have on your bank statement to indicate that it is no longer outstanding. Do the same for Deposits and Adjustments. At any time you can print a complete Bank Reconciliation Report.

Many new Reports are available as well. These include the Balance Report, Checks posted this Month, Unposted Checks, Outstanding Checks, Checks for one vendor for any date range, Checks of one type (fixed, variable, one-time) for any date range, a report of Deposits, a report of Adjustments and the Vendor Report.

New features in CheckWrite 8.0

  • Its a true 32-bit application, giving you the full power of a WinXP/7 computer.
  • The ability to view pop-up lists of Verdict client accounts and General Ledger account numbers on screen to ensure accuracy in entries.
  • The ability to do bank reconciliation at the end of the month. Look at the list of all checks you have written. If the check has come through the bank, uncheck it so that is is no longer outstanding. CheckWrite shows you an easy-to-read screen with your beginning Checkbook balance, total of all checks that were written, total of all deposits, total of all adjustments and ending Checkbook balance. Then it reconciles to the Bank statement by showing you outstanding checks, outstanding deposits, outstanding adjustments, and the Bank statement balance.
  • The ability to sort checks in different orders.
  • The ability to view a date range of checks.
  • The ability to create a new vendor on the spot after you have written a check.
  • The ability to store General Ledger account numbers for variable recurring expense checks.
  • The ability to create a list of all checks written to a particular vendor for any date range.
  • The ability to create custom reports.
  • The ability to edit your check form and print test checks.
  • The ability to post now or later. If you are writing checks for the new month, print them but don't final post them until after you close out CheckWrite for the month and export to the General Ledger.
  • The ability to keep all checks on line.

    System requirements

CheckWrite 8.0 includes an installation program that will automatically set up the standalone version of CheckWrite 8.0 in Windows 98 to Windows 7, or the multiuser version of CheckWrite 8.0 on a Windows peer-to-peer network, or a Windows 2000 or 2003 Server. Both standalone and network versions of CheckWrite 8.0 are available. For the standalone version of CheckWrite, you will need a Windows 98 to Windows 7 computer. The network version of CheckWrite requires a network using a Windows 98 to XP peer-to-peer network, or a Windows 2000 to 2003 server. Highly recommended is a computer running at 1 gigahertz.


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