Multiuser CheckWrite 8.0 is based on CheckWrite 8.0 and includes all the features of standalone CheckWrite, along with the unique ability for many users to concurrently access the same system. With Multiuser CheckWrite, every secretary or timekeeper can write checks, based on their assigned security level.

Multiuser CheckWrite 8.0 is record-locked down to the transaction level. This means many timekeepers can write checks at the same time. There isn't a limit to the number of users who can be in CheckWrite at the same time, other than the number of licenses you purchase.

CheckWrite 8.0's Balance Checkbook View



One of the biggest advantages to using as multiuser system is not having to wait to get a check when you need one. Often when a central bookkeeper writes all checks, there is a delay in getting a check to take to the courthouse for a filing fee. With Multiuser CheckWrite, you write the check immediately and are on your way to the courthouse.


CheckWrite 8.0's Pop-up Account screen


CheckWrite has password protection. You decide who has the authority to write checks. A person without the correct password cannot write checks, so your system cannot be compromised.

System Requirements

Multiuser CheckWrite 8.0 requires a Windows 98 to Windows 7 network, a Windows 2000 or 2003 server or a Windows peer-to-peer network. Highly recommended is a server running at 1 gigahertz or higher. Multiuser CheckWrite includes an installation program that will automatically install the software on a Windows 98 to Windows 7 system or Windows network. Checks and reports can be printed on any Windows-compatible laserjet or inkjet printer.


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