At the present time, General Ledger 8.0 is designed for law firms with fiscal years coinciding with the calendar year. If your year end does not end on December 31, you cannot use General Ledger 8.0.

Your general ledger account numbers, names and balances from version 6.4 to 7.0 of General Ledger will automatically import into General Ledger 8. The individual entries will not import into version 8.0.

Note: General Ledger 8 imports General Ledger 6.4 to 7.x data. If you have an earlier version of General Ledger, your data will be translated in a 2-step process. You need Micro Craft's separate utility program (free) to first translate your data to version 7.x. Then General Ledger 8 can take over and translate the data for General Ledger 8. Please call Micro Craft at 256/830-9746 if you have any questions or need additional assistance updating your current General Ledger system.

Note: You will also need to update Verdict 8.0 or 8.0b to Verdict 10 and CheckWrite 8.0 to CheckWrite 8.0c. These new versions support the interface to General Ledger 8.0d.



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