LegalPad® 10, our new Windows 98 to Windows 7 remote entry/timekeeping system makes it easy to capture time or view client data on any Windows-compatible computer throughout your firm. LegalPad includes a site license for up to 10 workstations. Additional licenses are available. You can easily capture time at home or work, or when you are away from the office, and then later transfer it into the main Verdict system.

It has many of the same features and look-and-feel of the main Verdict system but has the added advantage of being able to upload timesheets and download client data on any remote computer or laptop via the convenient Data Exchange. You can use floppies, writable cd's or send files over an interconnected network.

Share the workload — let all the secretaries help in the billing process by posting entries into LegalPad. Attorneys can use LegalPad as an electronic timesheet. LegalPad allows single or multiple pop-up timers (up to 10 at once) and includes Verdict 10's powerful Search Tree so you have instant access to all your clients, their accounts, and all their transactions — all graphically linked in one convenient screen!

You will find LegalPad to be an excellent complement to Verdict and a valuable tool in increasing efficiency in the billing process. You can also import charges from copy tracking and telephone tracking systems into LegalPad so they can be effortlessly transferred and posted to Verdict.


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