Our popular LegalPad pop-up timer/remote batch posting facility has been completely redesigned to offer even more power and convenience for secretaries and attorneys alike. In previous versions of LegalPad, you could only view entries in the order they were posted. You could not view all entries you made for one particular account. LegalPad 10 organizes posting of entries by account. You see all entries you have made for an account as you work. Of course, you still have a View option to see all entries in chronological order, for one account after another, in the order they were posted. From this View, you can double-click on an entry and go to the account to see that entry, plus all other entries you have made for the account. The timer on the entry screen lets you time the work you are doing, if you desire, and then bill that time or enter another increment of time. A very useful feature in LegalPad 10 is the ability to see the charge code set up in Verdict for the account and your timekeeper rate per hour for the account as you enter a service transaction.

When you enter the time for the transaction, you immediately see the calculated charge. This gives you the ability to make the decision to bill this transaction at a different rate per hour by overriding the rate. Built-in print functions let you print posting registers of services, expenses, payments and service adjustments you have posted to LegalPad.

Important features in LegalPad 10

Important features in LegalPad 10 are the ability to post entries for accounts that have not been entered in Verdict yet, the ability to transfer entries to another account, and the ability to spell check all entries. Each LegalPad user can enter his own set of Transaction Codes, if he desires, or use Transaction Codes snapped in from Verdict.

Search Tree in LegalPad

By using LegalPad's Search Tree, you can easily pick a client from an alphabetized list and automatically see a list of all his accounts. Pick an account and you see a list of all entries for that account. You instantly see the relationships between clients, accounts and entries. Double-click on an entry and go directly to it, or click the Add New button, and go to the entry screen ready to post a new entry for the account. It's all superbly intuitive and provides a new level of speed and ease of use for LegalPad operators.

Data transfer is easy

The Verdict operator installs LegalPad on her computer to snap out basic Verdict information as to clients and accounts, valid timekeepers and valid transaction codes for the LegalPad operators. The Verdict operator also uses LegalPad to transfer in and post entries to Verdict that were made by the LegalPad operators. Transfer of information between Verdict and LegalPad can be done over a network, flash sticks or writable CDs.

Import copy and telephone tracking system data

If you are using a copy tracking or telephone tracking system, the data can automatically be imported into LegalPad with a push of a button if your copy/telephone tracking company puts the data in a comma-delimited file as specified by Micro Craft. Then the data can automatically be transferred and posted to Verdict.

Site licensed

LegalPad is licensed for 3 to 10 computers. Additional licenses are available.

System requirements

LegalPad 10 integrates only to Verdict 10. LegalPad 10 requires any desktop computer or notebook computer with Windows 98 to XP or Windows 7 with 10 megabytes of available disk space. Data can be transferred from LegalPad to the main Verdict computer via flash sticks, over a network, or a writable CD-ROM drive.

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