Verdict 10 and Multiuser 10 are available as an update to current users of Verdict® or TwinPak™ software for a reduced price. Data from all previous versions of Verdict or TwinPak will easily translate to Verdict 10.

If you have TwinPak or a version of Verdict older than version 7, you translate in two steps. First you use our free utility disk to translate the data to version 7.2c, which takes less than 5 minutes. Then Verdict 10 imports the data and translates it to Verdict 10 data. That takes another 5 minutes. If you already have version 8.0 or 9.0 of Verdict, Verdict 10 automatically translates the data to the newest file structure during the installation procedure.

For additional information about update procedures, please call Micro Craft's Sales Staff at 256/830-9746 . We will be glad to discuss your update requirements or questions.





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