Micro Craft offers support on an annual subscription basis. An annual support contract provides unlimited telephone calls, faxes and emails for support for one year plus a 10% discount on any updates for a supported program which become available during the contract period. There are three levels of support:

    • Level One Support — Support for one standalone Micro Craft software program for $400.00 a year.
    • Level Two Support — Support for two or more standalone Micro Craft software programs or multiuser programs, up to 14 programs/licenses for $650.00 a year.
    • Level Three Support --- Software Support Contract for 15 or more programs/licenses for $850.00 a year.

      For example, Multiuser Verdict, General Ledger, CheckWrite, Docket and 10 LegalPad licenses = 14 programs/licenses.


    Our technical support team will assist in the operation of the supported Micro Craft software program(s) through unlimited consultations with you and your staff during the contract period. In addition, you will receive a 10% discount on updates for the Micro Craft program(s) covered under your software support contract, should updates become available during the contract period.



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